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3 Great Ways To Save!

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Saturday and Sunday

*Terms and conditions apply. Please call customer service for details 863-647-3911

We value every customer! We strive to provide you with the best service possibe, whether you are a weekend flyer or you own your aircraft for business travel.

Give us a try, and

experience the difference!

If you are stopping in for a a meal at Earhart's Runway Grill, just show us your receipt when you return to the FBO, and we will give you a 25 cent per gallon discount on 10 gallons or more of full-service 100LL!*

On the weekend, choose from one of the following:

Purchase 10 gallons or more of full-service 100LL, and receive a coupon for $8.00 off at Earhart's Runway Grill! It's a great way to enjoy a weekend of flying and some of the best food you can find!*

If you don't have time to enjoy our airport restaurant, or you can't take 10 gallons of fuel, you can still take advantage of a weekend discount of 25 cents on full-service 100LL!*

Lakeland - Tampa East

p: 863.647.3911

f: 863.644.4814

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